Shinji Tamura - GUIDES

Shinji was born in Japan, but since the age of 20 has lived abroad, in the USA, Canada and the UK. Shinji now lives in Zermatt in Switzerland, where he has been for over 20 years with his Swizz wife and children.  Shinji has his own travel agency “Active Mountain” in Zermatt which has been operating since 1997, which mostly caters for Japanese clients.

Shinji has enjoyed skiing and mountaineering all over the world, often working to co-ordinate TV film crews and escorting adventure skiers in Europe, the Himalaya, Greenland, the Antarctic, Russia, South America and Africa. Shinji first met Russell at Cho-Oyu in 1996, whilst he was on an expedition with a Kazakhstani and Japenese team.

Since then, Shinji has been working with Russell in the Mont Blanc region and then on Everest. Shinji has worked on both the North and South side of Everest, summiting 3 times in total, and has summited Cho-Oyu twice.

“ I feel lucky to work with Russell and the Himalayan Experience team. It is the most organised expedition in the world, and Russell’s enormous experience is essential in the Himalaya. The team works well together- many of the Sherpa and other guides are also hugely experienced in all necessary scenarios in the high mountains, and we work well together as a team”.

Shinji enjoys photography and also works as a mountain photographer for various magazines.