Billi Bierling - SUPPORT CREW

Billi has been climbing in the Nepal Himalaya since 1998, when she first fell in love with the country. In 2004, she moved from Switzerland to Nepal where she started working for the Himalayan archivist, Miss Elizabeth Hawley. The initial plan was to assist Miss Hawley for one or two seasons, however, Billi has now been known as Miss Hawley's right hand for seven years.

Through this work Billi met Russell Brice and during an expedition to Cho Oyu, visiting the Himalayan Experience camp several times and she then promised herself that if she ever tried to climb an 8000m peak again, she would go with Russell Brice. Said and done - in 2009 she summited Everest with Himalayan Experience, followed by a successful trip to the top of to the eighth highest mountain in the world, Manaslu, in western Nepal.

In spring 2010, Billi offered her journalistic services to Russell, and her writing genius and knowledge of the Khumbu region and its Sherpas is invaluable to the Himalayan Experience team. Billi started to write the expedition newsletters for Everest in 2010, continued with Manaslu in the same year and will this year cover both Lhotse (which she will be climbing herself) and Everest.

When not working for Miss Hawley or Himalayan Experience, Billi works as a spokesperson for the United Nations, for which she has previously served in Jerusalem and more recently in Pakistan. She also writes articles for several climbing publications and compiles German radio reports concerning the political situation in Nepal.

Billi loves being in the mountains - whether climbing herself or just as part of the base camp team serving the clients' families and friends with updates of the expeditions.

When writing the newsletters, Billi is not only writing about the expedition members but she is also trying to give the readers a clear insight into the lives of the Sherpas who are instrumental to our expeditions, as well as giving a taste of expedition life at Base Camp.