Climbing at and above 8,000 metres is inherently dangerous, and is not the place to be learning mountaineering and camping skills.

The more mountaineering skill that you have when undertaking challenges such as technical 8000m peaks the safer you will be and the more you will enjoy your climbing experience.
Himalayan Experience strongly recommends that you have summited another 8,000m peak before attempting Everest and our experience shows that those who have done so have significantly increased success rates.

Himalayan Experience suggests that you climb a number of 4,000m peaks in order to gain mountaineering proficiency, and also undertake a trip to Denali and/or a 6,000m trekking peak where you experience expedition camping, higher altitude, and how to deal with the cold.

Himalayan Experience then advocates a trip to Manaslu, an 8,000m peak, to fully experience Himalayan expedition life, working with Sherpas and the use of fixed ropes and oxygen equipment. With this experience behind you, you will be ready to attempt Everest.

Our sister company Chamonix Experience, based in Chamonix in the French Alps, operates both Alpine climbing courses and expedition training courses. These cover standard basic mountaineering training techniques as well as including camping skills and the use of fixed ropes. Operating year round with over 25 IFMGA qualified guides, each with years of experience of Alpine region guiding, Chamonix Experience organizes Mont Blanc, Eiger and Matterhorn trips as well as skiing and a full range of instructional and bespoke private guiding services to suit you and your goals. Please contact the Chamonix Experience team directly for more information.

The strategy of Himalayan Experience is to continue to focus solely on the Himalaya where it has the unrivalled infrastructure, experience and reputation for success, rather than diversifying to expand its portfolio of expedition products.

Our other sister company and agent Mountain Experience, based in Kathmandu, Nepal, operates trekking and trekking peak trips in the Himalayas.

However, we work closely with other worldwide guiding companies offering varied trip itineraries, and we recommend the following:

Europe-UK: Chamonix Experience
Nepal: Mountain Experience
North America: Yamnuska
South America: Aventuras Patagonicas
Australasia: Alpine Guides Mount Cook

We hope that this information is helpful for your planning and we wish you safe and successful climbing in the future.

Russell Brice and the Himalayan Experience Team