NEWSLETTERS - Everest 2014

The Daily Moraine - Everest Avalanche23 April 2014

Sorry for the late news, I have been a bit busy these last few days.

On the day of the avalanche we had 19 Sherpas carrying loads to C2. On their descent they established our rescue tent at C1 with oxygen, sleeping bags and other rescue equipment. The fact that they were busy doing this meant that none of our staff were actually in the ice fall at the time of the accident, so all are safe. As each Sherpa has a radio we were very quickly able to ascertain where everyone was. Our Sherpas also all have avalanche transceivers so they were able to do a transceiver search as they descended back to BC, but as very few people actually use transceivers on Everest they never found any signals.

At that time all our members were at Lobuche BC or acclimatising on the slopes of Lobuche, and only now are they returning to Everest BC.

At this stage we do not know if we will be continuing with our expedition or not.