NEWSLETTERS - Everest 2015

The Daily Moraine 2015 #5 - Return to Kathmandu2 May 2015


We are making slow but steady progress for our return from Everest and Makalu.

We have arranged for yaks and porters to get to Everest BC on 3 May and then to depart BC for Pheriche on 4. We will take our own tents (and food) to camp in for the return to Lukla as I hear that the lodges that we normally stay in are not fully functional. The team members should then be in Namche on 5 and then Lukla on 6 with a planned return to Ktm on 7. At the same time we have organised for the scarce helicopters to go to Makalu BC to collect all members and Sherpas on the morning of 7 and they should also return to Ktm at the same time as the Everest members. If the weather allows then all members should be back in Ktm on the evening of 7 and will stay in the Hyatt which is back in operation and with luck all members should have left Nepal by the evening of 9.

The Sherpas are at this time returning to BC to help with cleaning up of BC and the upper camps. The guides will also stay there to assist with breaking of camp.

I wish it was all so simple, but I am afraid not. I still have expedition members who call me to say that they have not experienced any death, or any disadvantage and that it is my responsibility to continue climbing. Even if the Icefall Doctors have had 4 injured and I do not think that they should be going into the Icefall at the moment, (which I told the MoT and the EOA at recent meetings) some of my members think that I should continue. Even this evening I received a phone call from SPCC to inform me that they would not be continuing to fix rope on the mountain. At the same time I even have some members who now want to climb by themselves. Thus I have decided that they are no longer part of my team. I will continue to look after my team and staff to the best of my ability under difficult conditions.

Tomorrow I fly to Lukla and then I need to see if I can heli hitch hike back to BC otherwise I need to walk this familiar trail which should take me a couple of days.