NEWSLETTERS - Everest 2015

The Daily Moraine 2015 #7 - All members and guides have left Nepal18 May 2015

Hi All

Now all members and guides have left Nepal but the normal post expedition logistics continue as we slowly get equipment back out to Kathmandu from Base Camp, and the normal sorting and then freighting home of members personal items. This is not helped by the continuing earth quakes and after-shocks, which tends to slow down the process. Tamding, Chhuldim and I were in our 3rd story floor of the Mountain Experience office when the second earth quake stuck Kathmandu. Again a mad dash down the bucking and twisting stairs where we all fortunately were able to escape to the open courtyard. Again we were lucky to only have a water tank on the roof tip over. (I did hear from a friend that his water tank actually jumped from his roof to the neighbours roof during the first earth quake… a point of ownership).

But what was of concern is how all the Sherpa’s were fairing as the epicentre was a bit closer to Namche. It does appear that all staff are safe, although their homes have once again suffered more damage. We still had two Sherpas at BC and two at Gorak Shep packing the last of the expedition gear, but they also are fine, and should now be home with families. Interestingly we had some trekkers in the Thame area when the first earth quake came, but they have spent until now staying in the village and have been helping with repairs to buildings. Chris and his son were on their way back to Lukla when the second EQ came and reported landslides all around but they themselves were safe.

Reports from Langtang are still sparse, but it sounds like there are still to many rocks falling for search teams to be easily deployed in this area, and again not helped by the second shake.

Once again Kathmandu has emptied of people as they return to villages where they feel safer than in the concrete and brick jungle. But as already mentioned, there are still many resilient people here who continue to operate the many and varied rescue operations spending many hours a day working tirelessly for the benefit of others. The media crews seem to have left for more exciting news, and many of the international rescue teams have now gone back home.

In the meanwhile I have been working with my UK accountant and bank in order to set up the correct type of trust account. I am sorry but this does take time but I understand that next Monday this should be in place, and by then I should also have more photos of damaged buildings to present.