NEWSLETTERS - Everest 2016

Everest Expedition #513 & 15 May 2015

13 May 2016 - Summit!

Greg, Narwang on summit
Greg, Narwang on summit

All of our team who went to South Col made it to the summit of Everest this morning:

08.10 Gregory PAUL Narwang Tenjing
08.25 Richard HUNTER Phura Namgyl
08.25 Takayasu SEMBA Sonam Tashi
08.25 Tracee METCALFE Nima Sona
08.46 Andreas FRIEDRICH Son Dorjee
09.07 Jacob OTTINK Lakpa Nuru

Reaching summit
Reaching summit

Everyone was back at South Col by 12.30 and are now on their way down to C2.

15 May 2016 - Back to BC.

This morning all our members and Sherpas returned from C2 to BC where it was great to see them back safe and sound. Lunch resounded to the many tails of the past few days, but at least everyone seemed to be happy with their ascent.

Our last trekking group will leave BC to start their return trip to Ktm tomorrow and then after porters and yaks have arrived our expedition members will leave BC on 18.

Teliscope view from BC
Teliscope view from BC

At long last a safe and successful season, and an extra bonus of being able to leave early.

Regards Russ