K2 Expedition #316 july 2016

Saturday July 16th.

We are back to BC on 13th and waiting for the weather.

K2 peeking out of the cloud

10th, we have started the BC to C1 in not so good weather. 11th, C1 to C2. 12th, We have been to C2 to C3 that was so many people on the route we had to wait long time at many places and it was hard day to reach 7300m.

The way was many steep rock and snow and ice.

When we reached C3 we heard the new weather forecast the weather will be not good as we expected. Next morning weather was still fine but C4 was still not established and the route summit was still not made.

We gave up the summit to push for this time and decided to go down to BC.
We are looking for the next weather window.