K2 Expedition 2017 #117 June 2017

Hi All

K2 peeking out of the cloud

After just 6 days at home after Everest I am now in Pakistan on my way to K2 along with our team consisting of:

Russell BRICENew Zealand - base Camp
Mark WOODWARDNew Zealand - guide
Rochelle RAFFERTY New Zealand
Adam PAROENew Zealand
Shinji TAMURAJapan - guide
Takayasu SEMBAJapan
Rene BERGSMANetherlands
Jing WANG China
Palden NamgyeNepal
Pasang NamgelNepal
Phur GaljenNepal
Pasang KargiNepal

We all arrived into Islamabad on 12 and then attempted to fly to Skardu on 14, however the weather suddenly changed and so when we were just 15km away from our destination we had to return to Islamabad. We were met at the airport by our bus that was then to take us on a 9 hour journey to a mountain resort which we were beyond the attention to even know the name of at 01.30 in the morning. The same morning we were up at 05.00 and started our next part of the journey at 06.00 travelling over the Babusar Pass at over 4,000m and then continuing on the Silk Highway winding our way around a twisty narrow road with a large drop into the river below. After another 15 hours in the bus we were all pleased to reach Skardu late last night.

Today was spent repacking the oxygen and equipment that was freighted from Nepal and taking the rope from Italy off the reels and putting into sacks for the next stage of the journey to BC. Off course it was a very clear and calm day and there were several flights into Skardu.

Tomorrow is another 6 or 7 hours in jeeps driving to Askole where we start camping and will pass our loads onto the local porters for the 8 day walk to BC.

So probably not too much news for the next few days, but once at BC we will have an update.