K2 Expedition 2017 #43 July 2017

Hi All

After our good start we have been somewhat hindered by unsettled weather. It has not really been good enough to push through the technical and exacting route from the top of the fixed ropes to C2. We did give it a try yesterday but it was too cold and too windy to fix rope although all Sherpa’s, HAP and members did go to C1 and back to BC for lunch.


However we did make a list of experience on our team. Many people think that commercial teams are only taking inexperienced climbers on mountains that they should not really be on. But I think if you take time to read the attachment you will see how between our team members we have 54 different 8,000m summits and between the Sherpa’s another 46 summits and with the HAP who have another 3 summits this makes a total of 103, 8,000m summits within our team.

We hope to reach C2 tomorrow fixing the next 400m of rope, but then we can expect to spend another few days at BC as another trough of bad weather passes. But as from 7 Jul we expect to have clear calm weather for the following few days so we are hopeful to fix rope and establish C3 in that period.