K2 Expedition 2017 #619 July 2017

Hi All

K2 peeking out of the cloud
K2 peeking out of the cloud

There is not much to report as the weather has been doing exactly as the Meteotest forecast has been predicting. Strong winds above 6,000m with changeable weather at BC. All rather frustrating. However we did take a risk and on 15th all 5 of the HAP plus Woody, Adam and Rene went to C2 cleaning various loads of rope and the now defunct C1 that was only there for safety reasons which are all now at C2. The afternoon proved to be cloudy with about 30km wind at C2 but without significant amounts of precipitation.

The following morning all of this team left C2 early and carried loads to C3 where it was snowing lightly and blowing about 50km so they erected one tent, dropped their in this tent and returned back to C2. The idea was to have actually stayed at C3 and build all the tent platforms, and look for lost equipment if the weather allowed. But it was not the right time to be staying at this camp. Everyone was back to BC in clear skies ( but strong winds at altitude) by 17.55 having once again succeeded in pushing one step closer snatched between bad weather.

The following day it was foggy all day at BC with the occasional clear patch, some rain, some snow, however it cleared again in the evening to reveal that it was still windy at C2 and above….as predicted. Today the 18th we are all still at BC with the same 4 seasons in one day, sun, cloud, rain, snow, wind. And still too windy to work above C2. But lots of rock moving and repairing various tent platforms.

We hope to be at C4 at the same time as the Dreamers Destination team, however they have their own problems since the avalanche on their route between C2 and C3. Mingma is doubtful that their rope survived and is unsure if their C3 is still there, and the weather has not allowed their Sherpa’s to get high enough to check. However I have given Mingma 250m of rope just in case, as it will make life much easier if both teams can get to C4 at the same time, where we can cooperate with the rope fixing above.

However the wind is predicted to drop after 19 so we are all ready to push up the hill to C2, C3 rope fixing for a couple of days before reaching C4. It looks more calm 24 /25 and then we hope after for the next few days. If so, then we have a chance to reach the summit about 28.

Once again let’s wait and see.