NEWSLETTERS - Manaslu 2012

Newsletter #929 September 2012

A busy day on the hill.

It turned pout to be quite busy for Himalayan Experience today. Members went up from C2 to C3 without incident, however Susumu san felt that this was his limit, so he was taken back down to C1 by Phurba where he was met by doctor Nima and they both returned to BC. Wim who spent last night at C3 went for a walk up the route towards C4 and returned to C3. Daryl got bored at BC and went down to Samagon with Lachhu. Phurba returned from C1 toy C2. Some of the Sherpas went from C1 to C3 and back to C2, and the other Sherepas went from C2 to C4 carrying loads and returned to C2. Woody went down from C3 on the North Col to our old C3 site where he looked for some of our missing friends with probe and shovel. Bruce and Shinji were also looking for our friends in two other locations but all in the same fall line. Each guide spent about 3 hours with probe, transceiver and shovel, but we are sorry to report that we have found no trace.

In the mean while many Sherpas and members from other teams went up the fixed ropes that Phurba had fixed yesterday and many of these people will head for the summit tomorrow. The Himalayan Experience team will head up to C4 tomorrow, Sherpas and members so as we are in position for a summit attempt on 30th. The weather still looks good for a summit on that day.