NEWSLETTERS - Manaslu 2014

The Daily Moraine - Manaslu 2014 #324 September 2014

Decided to go for the summit

The last few days have seen flurries of snow and flurries of activity within the team. Having decided to go for the summit on 25 Sep (the same day as last year) we have been busy getting loads up the hill.


It was not until yesterday that our Sherpas along with Altitude Junkies Sherpas actually made the route and fixed rope to C4 (7,400m). Our young boys Narwang Tenzing and Phuru Namgya left C1 at 01.00 in the morning and carried loads as well as fixed reaching C4 at 15.30 in the afternoon, and then they returned to C1 getting back there at 19.20, an amazing show of strength and dedication, and apparently they enjoyed the challenge!!! Sounds like hard work to me. In the meanwhile the other Sherpas carried loads from C1 to C3 and returned to C1. And all the members climbed from C1 to C2 with the exception of Shinji, Nick, Rob and Josette who went from C1 to C3 so as to spend 2 nights at this camp as they intend to climb without oxygen. It was a clear day at altitude but cloudy around BC, and a little windy above C3.

Today all the pieces of the jigsaw start fitting into place. Again the Sherpas carried from C1 to C4 and this time returned to C2, and the members climbed from C2 to C3 in clear sunny weather. Tomorrow hopefully the Sherpas will climb up to C3 to meet with the members and then everyone will climb up the fixed ropes to C4.

Then all going well we hope to reach the summit on 25.

In the meanwhile I even managed to go up to Crampon Point to collect the drums that we have been storing gear in, as these will not be required again, my 1 ½ hours of work is a very small token of what the Sherpas do in order to give our members the chance to reach the summit (and of course other teams who follow using the fixed ropes and path). I have to say our doctor Tracee also has been helping us considerably with small loads and looking after the health of the team, and various Sherpas from other teams. Today a Sherpa from another team with a particularly nasty tooth infection has reacted to treatment so we are pleased about that.

And of course I write this from BC, although we had great sun and hot weather here before midday, it is now raining again!!!!!