NEWSLETTERS - Manaslu 2014

The Daily Moraine - Manaslu 2014 #525 September 2014



Today all members and Sherpas left C4 in blustery conditions, not our normal conditions for a summit push, but I wanted to sneak the summit in before the strong winds that are predicted for the next two days. Although this was not showing during the preceding days, however a branch of the Jet Stream moved away from the main stream and approached our area unexpectedly, so it was a gamble to see if we could reach the summit and return to C4 before these winds crossed the mountain. As it turned out this paid off and so everyone: 9 members, 2 guides and 9 Sherpas reached the summit between 09.00 and 10.00 in winds between 10 – 20km. Everyone made a fast descent to C4 and packed tents to descend to C3 and into the cloud that has persisted over the lower part of the mountain all day long, hence, surprise surprise, it has been raining all day at BC. Now Shinji, Hardeep, Alain, Ania, Smilie and Rob are ensconced in their sleeping bags at C2 where they will spend the night before returning to BC tomorrow. However Woody, Vanessa, Nick, Hilde and Josette are all descending through the snow and rain to BC. And of course the powerhouse of our expedition, the Sherpas are also returning to BC carrying large loads of equipment.

I am sure there will be more stories and pictures tomorrow when everyone is back down off the mountain.