NEWSLETTERS - Manaslu 2015

Manaslu Expedition #518 September 2015

Hi All

We have been struggling to understand the weather forecast and to relate it to the actual weather as the monsoon continues to move in and out upon us.

However we have still been making progress with the members staying at C2 (6,200m) for the last two nights, with a day trip almost to C3 (6,800m) in falling snow but with reasonable visibility. We sent the Sherpas to C1 last night with the hope that they would carry loads to C3 and return to BC. However we received more snow than expected so they stayed at C1. Of course we never like having so much snow when we are at C2, however there was no wind so we still felt comfortable to descend in these conditions. Before leaving C2 we packed away all the tents and equipment into one standing tent as we are expecting more snow fall in the coming days. As the members were descending to C1 the Sherpas also packed away all of this camp into one tent as well, and waited there for the members.

Now everyone is off the mountain and are back at BC enjoying pasta with chicken in peanut butter sauce and fresh salad washed down with a beer or coke.

Unfortunately the weather forecast still does not look good for progress in the coming days, so I daresay it will be volley ball and cards to report upon until about 24 when the weather might start to improve.

Regards Russ