NEWSLETTERS - Manaslu 2015

Manaslu Expedition #928 September 2015

The good news and the bad news.

The good news is that Namgel was able to fly out to Kathmandu yesterday and he has had an x-ray and there is nothing broken, just a strained muscle.

Manaslu Summit
Manaslu Summit

The bad news is I have decided to cancel the expedition. We well know that there is only a very small calm period on 30 and 01 to safely make the summit. But I have been watching the transportation of snow all day today, and this is only going to continue overnight and tomorrow. We have been witnessing the various avalanches and the three different weak layers on our indicator slopes. I am sure that the small bowl that is just below the troublesome crevasse will release as soon as people start climbing this and pull the rope out. That will probably not be such a big deal as it may not be big enough to hurt people. But it this then triggers the bowl above which is also loading at the moment, then there is the possibility of a major calamity. Or like in 2012 if a small serac falls and then triggers these slabs then we for sure will have major problems if there are climbers on the slopes.

I might be wrong, but I really cannot put my Sherpas or members into such a position. If we could see a chance to climb later in the week we would stay, but there is no such chance, and I do not want to be pushed into danger just because of this small weather window.

So instead of going to C2 to stay tomorrow, some of the members will go and collect loads to bring back to BC, the other members will go to C1 to collect loads, and the Sherpas will go to C3 to collect loads. Hopefully we can clear the mountain by 29 and will then descend to Samagon on 30, getting back to Ktm on 01 Oct.

In the meanwhile Lisa has been entertaining Spike in her tent. What has been going on we are not sure, but for some reason Spike has taken a liking to her tent. But I am getting quite jealous because Spike also come to visits me most nights. The small rabbit looking face, large mouse sized animal called a Thayokpa has been living under the rocks where our camp is for the last 2 years, but he/she is becoming much more bold as it scurry’s around our various tents.

Regards Russ