NEWSLETTERS - Manaslu 2016

Manaslu Expedition #122 August 2016

Hi All

The Manaslu season is starting this week in Kathmandu. Himalayan Experience will once again have a small team there.



Russell BRICE New Zealand Guide
Shinji TAMURA Japan Guide
Tracee METCALFE USA Doctor
Juan SARJANOVICH Argentina
Hiromitsu TAKEDA Japan
Fei YU China

Our normal team of Sherpas will be with us.

Lhakpa Nuru
Nawang Tenjing
Sonam Tashi
Urken Lundup
Tenjing Tashi
Phurba Tashi

And our normal team of cooks will be with us.

Kal Bhardu

Over the last few months I have been working part time with an old friend Andy Elson on an exciting experimental flying project. I worked with Andy for the Balloon Over Everest, Balloon Around the World, and Balloon to the Edge of Space projects, so it is good to be on another exciting project.

In order to work on this project means that I travel to Wells (the smallest city in the UK) for one or two days a week. This means that I stay in a small boarding house for a couple of nights a week, and here I meet with Brigid who comes from a totally different world. Brigid actually trains horse riders and their respective horses up to Olympian level, so it has been interesting to learn much more about this sport. The only real contact that I have had with horses is that I used to ride a horse to school when I was very young.

However Brigid mentioned to me about a young 17 year old girl Hannah Francis who had aggressive bone cancer and that she was still riding horses despite the immense pain that she was suffering. But Hannah had set up a charity fund raising site which I link here

Now one of these small horses came to my office

Willberry contemplates travel

And he actually joined me on my trip to the summit of Carstensz Pyramid.

But actually he was not so content with this travel so he came to Nepal during our last season there, and of course he met some other interesting characters, like his friend the Yak and then he was fortunate enough to meet another friend Yeti. But Willberry also went to the summit of Everest without actually telling anyone. In order to recover from his Everest summit, Willberry then went to the Nepal jungle where he met another kind friend Tiger.

Willberry meets Yak

Willberry meets Yeti

Willberry on summit of Everest

Willberry meets Tiger

Now I was so excited to come back and tell Hannah about Willberry’s travel, but the day before I made it back to Wells unfortunately Hannah died, and so I never had the opportunity to actually meet her.

So with these sad thoughts I then travelled to Cardiff where I had a meeting with Bigmoose founder Jeff Smith as we discussed another exciting and community helpful project for the future.

We must always live in hope, even as we head back to Manaslu.

Regards Russ