NEWSLETTERS - Manaslu 2016

Manaslu Expedition #72 october 2016

2nd October 2016

Guess what, it is raining at Base Camp, but of course we knew this was coming so are not surprised. At 03.00 as the Sherpa were about to leave BC to go up to C2 to collect the last loads of equipment off the hill, there was a spectacular lightning show. Shortly after they left it decided to snow, but we figured that this would not last long, and surely it didn’t and they were able to make quick time to C2 and were back at BC by lunch time. In the meanwhile Shinji and Hiro also made their way down for lunch. This marks the end of any of our team being on the mountain.

A dull BC

Above the rain

C3 looking up to C4

North Peak of Manaslu from C3

On the way to C4

C4, 7,400m

North Peak

On way to summit

Urken and Fay

Jaun Pablo

Descent looking into Tibet

Snow at BC

Tomorrow 03 Oct we have porters coming up from Samagon and we will all be down in a lodge in Samagon for hopefully one night before flying to Kathmandu and the luxuries of the Hyatt Hotel where I will write the last overview of this year’s Manaslu Expedition.

Regards Russ