Our expeditions have been tried and tested, altered and perfected, over many years.

Himalayan Experience is renowned for its logistical prowess and commitment to safety. Our expedition expertise is unparalleled. Realising that it is essential to have an expedition manager with unsurpassed knowledge at Base Camp for the safety of climbing members, Russell Brice no longer summits with his team but remains in camp, with the necessary clarity of vision for monitoring all climbing members, at all times.

The weather, your progress, energy levels, and physical and mental state, your levels of consumed and remaining oxygen your position on the mountain is constantly monitored and recorded. This reduces many areas of possible risk, and this extreme level of constant observation saves lives.

We work with the optimum Sherpa/client ratio of 1:1 and Western guide/client ratio of 1:4, dramatically increasing both your safety and chances of summit success.

The experience of our Sherpa team is unrivalled in the Himalaya - our senior Sherpas have been on all our expeditions since 1994. Himalayan Experience is proud of its team of long serving staff, guides and Sherpa alike, and invests heavily in the best clothing, eyewear and equipment for them.

Our expedition and client success relies upon the comfort, strength and preparedness of our dedicated team - we go to great lengths to ensure that they are in the best physical condition possible to help you.

We have a dedicated medical tent at Base Camp and unlike other expeditions, have our own dedicated Doctor as part of the team.

Our oxygen management is very important to us and is an essential factor of expedition planning. We allow 5 bottles > Safety

As existent as the risks of climbing at altitude, are the steps taken by Himalayan Experience to minimise and mitigate them though our professionalism and constantly increased preparation and technology.

Much responsibility is taken by Himalayan Experience. With an expedition organizer constantly in control of all clients and climbers, at all times, we ensure that hazards are constantly assessed and avoided. Our decisions and methods are supported by contingency plans that take as many aspects of the expedition into account, and we only ever use the best tried and tested equipment.

Over the years Himalayan Experience has remained at the forefront of development for safety and comfort for our expedition members, and this will continue in the future.

This development has historically centred around Base Camp and the higher camps, but recently steps have been taken to address the issue of safety further afield.

In Kathmandu, general building expansion has been huge with very little care for infrastructure - building standards are not satisfactory. The telephone system is totally overloaded, the water supply is fragile, there are long periods of no electricity, the roads are chaotic, and the quality of air is sub-standard.

One of the current topics of discussion in Kathmandu is what will happen in the city in the event of a major earth quake.

In an effort to try and improve the level of comfort and safety for Himalayan Experience expedition members whilst they stay in Kathmandu, we have decided to move from our long and trusted partner Hotel Tibet to the much newer and higher quality Hyatt. This increases the quality of your stay significantly. There is a constant power and communication supply, and most importantly, the hotel is surrounded by a large garden area making for a better air quality, tranquil surroundings, and a place to which to escape in the event of an earth quake. It is also the only hotel in Kathmandu to have a helicopter landing pad.

Our continually developing safety practices and standards will remain at the focus of our expeditions.