Beyond the Limit - Discovery Series, Season 1,2 & 3

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In 2006, Himalayan Experience worked with The Discovery Channel for a six-part documentary ‘Everest, Beyond the Limit’, which was aired worldwide in 2007. The documentary was Discovery Channels’ second most watched programme in 2007.

A second series was filmed in 2007 and a third in 2009 on the South Side of Everest.

Every year, hundreds from around the globe gather at Everest base camp to test themselves and their limits of endurance to achieve one of the ultimate mountaineering prizes – Everest. Beyond the Limit follows the journeys of a variety of Everest expedition members climbing with Himalayan Experience who are determined to stand on top of the world.

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The Wildest Dream

George Mallory was obsessed with becoming the first person to conquer the untouched Mount Everest. He was last seen 800 feet below the summit in 1924, before the clouds rolled in and he disappeared into legend. His death stunned the world.

75 years later, climber Conrad Anker’s life became intertwined with Mallory’s after finding his frozen body with all his belongings intact. The only thing missing was a photograph of his wife, Ruth, which Mallory had promised to place on the summit.

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Haunted by Mallory’s story, Conrad Anker returns to Everest with British climbing prodigy Leo Houlding to unravel the mysteries surrounding his disappearance.

Directed by Anthony Geffen and Atlantic Productions, The Wildest Dream was released in IMAX cinemas and giant screen theatres across the UK by National Geographic Entertainment and Serengeti Entertainment in 2010. Click here for cinema listings.

The Wildest Dream worked with Himalayan Experience which provided all of the necessary logistics for the 2 month filming process, the film crew using its Everest Base Camp facilities in Nepal.

The production company and film crew also benefited from the experience of the Himalayan Experience Sherpa and guide team who helped carry the film equipment at extreme altitude, undertaking camera work training themselves, and who made much of the high altitude filming possible.

Accompanying Book

‘The Wildest Dream’ by Mark MacKenzie tells the story of ‘mountaineering’s greatest mystery’, as dramatised in the film. Mark MacKenzie studied journalism at the London College of Printing. In the UK, his work has appeared in the Times and the Guardian and he is a former feature writer for the Independent on Sunday. He lives in London with his wife and two children. This is his first book, published by John Murray and available from Amazon in both hardback and paperback.

Lisbeth Scott and Joel Douek. The lyrics are based on words from the love letters that George Mallory and his wife Ruth sent to one another.

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An evocative score composed by Joel Douek and recorded with the top Prague orchestra. The closing song of the film, ‘Edge of Heaven’, was composed by

The Soundtrack is now available to buy from Amazon in the UK and to pre-order from Amazon in the US.

Interview with Conrad Anker

Conrad Anker, born in 1962, is an American rock climber, mountaineer, and author famous for his challenging ascents in the high Himalaya and Antarctica. In 1999 he was a key member of the search team which located the remains of legendary British climber George Mallory on Everest. It was Conrad who found the body.