Himalayan Experience and Russell Brice have both been included/referenced in many books covering a plethora of topics written about Everest and mountaineering, and other expeditions.

Some of these include:

Dark Summit, Nick Heil
Into thin Air, John Krakauer
The Death Zone, Climbing Everest through the killer storm, Matt Dickinson
High Crimes, Michael Kodas
Left for Dead, Beck Weathers
The Climb, Anatoli Boukreev
Ballooning over Everest - Leo Dickinson
Holding On - Jo Gambi
Everest - Walt Unsworth
Chris Bonnington’s Everest - Chris Bonnington
Everest - Eighty years of triumph and tragedy - Peter Gillman
Everest Obsession, Chung Kin Man
Og de tre Plene, Cecile Skog
Dernier Everest, Marco Siffredi
Steep Dreams, Maxime Chaya
To the Edge of Space, Colin Prescot