NEWSLETTERS - 7 + 2 Project

Summit in quite bad weather24 February 2014

Today Jing will be returning to Beijing after a very wet and miserable time on Carstensz which I understand she managed to summit in quite bad weather. Our weather forecast supplied by proved to be quite correct and half of the team, guide Ian, Jing and BC staff were able to fly into BC, but unfortunately the second flight with Hiro and Mark was unable to make it to BC because of bad weather. Needless to say this is very disappointing, however Jing and Ian took the opportunity to summit. Again it was a problem to get back out and it was only after two attempts that the helicopter was able to collect Jing again.

Puncak Jaya or Carstensz Pyramid (4,884 m), summit of Mount Carstensz

Puncak Jaya or Carstensz Pyramid (4,884 m), summit of Mount Carstensz

Thanks to the very good and understanding work of Debbie at we have now been able to change everyone’s flights and now Jing is on a flight directly from Jakarta to Beijing, and Mark is on his way to London.

Jing has been very lucky with the weather and all the local operators have worked very hard in order to make this project successful up until now. Because she is making such good progress we have decided to bring the project forward a little and will now attempt a winter ascent of Elbrus and Mont Blanc. Both of these summits were scheduled after Denali, but we now have time to attempt these before going to the North Pole at the beginning of April. If Jing is successful, then this is a great bonus, if not we will have to revert to the original plan. But there is one small problem, Jing has a Russian Visa for June, so she needs to return to Beijing in order to get a visa for March. Mark already has his Russian Visa so he will wait for a week in London and Chamonix until the next stage starts.

However this small interlude of about one week will give Jing time to be with family and friends as well as catch up on business matters, and I dare say a chance to dry out equipment and clothing as well.

Like Kosciusko Jing wants to also climb Mont Blanc just to be sure that she has in fact ticked all the boxes of highest summits on each contentment. So really although we call this the 7 + 2 Project, it is in fact a 9 + 2 Project. Still, now with 5 Summits and 1 Pole out of the way in just under 2 months Jing is making great progress.