NEWSLETTERS - 7 + 2 Project

Summit Vinson22 January 2014

Last night I had a phone call from Mark who told me that Jing and he had just returned to Vinson high camp after summiting the mountain in cold windy conditions, 7 hours return, and that today they would be returning to Vinson BC.

After reaching the South Pole they had to wait for a day for better weather to fly back to Union Glacier where they had a very fast turnaround before flying to Vinson BC. I typical Jing style she moved from one project to another very strongly and confidently, and of course Mark was right beside her to film.

It is interesting that their guide is Tre-C Dumais the strong young Alaskan lass who two years ago was on an independent expedition to Manaslu that our Nepal company Mountain Experience organised. It sounds like Tre-C and Jing have bonded very well during their Antarctica adventures.

We hope that the weather will be good enough for a quick return to Union Glacier and then on to Punta Arenas by the 22 Jan. There Jing and Mark can have a short rest and clean up before heading to Mendoza to start the next project on Aconcagua on 26 Jan. Apparently it has been snowing there along with strong winds, so we hope that our good luck for the first section will continue.