NEWSLETTERS - Cho Oyo Autumn 1998

Newsletter 13 March 1998

Russell has just been to London where the special mountain food and cooking gas has been purchased. This will depart London for Kathmandu on Saturday 22 August. He will be arriving in Kathmandu on 26 August where he will meet with my Sherpas who are already waiting. Dave Cumming, another guide from Chamonix, and the second guide for this year's Cho Oyo expedition will be arriving in Kathmandu on the 29th August.

The Team:

  • Russell Brice (Big Boss)
  • Dave Cumming (2nd guide)
  • Caroline Baird (The Spoon - a natural conversationalist)
  • Peter Barton-Smith (Choc Doc - likes his Bounty bars)
  • Dave Gray (Crusty - too rude even to mention)
  • Roy Hughes (Jasmine - fondness for tea)
  • Maureen MacLean
  • Larry McGeary (Le Pen - donations to small children & web updates)
  • Alan Ropp (Pasang - natural born Sherpa)
  • Doug Ward (Radar - 6th sense at cards)