NEWSLETTERS - Cho Oyo Autumn 1998

Newsletter 1613 September 1998

ABC - The Pujah

The pujah is extremely important to the Sherpas as they will not go onto the mountain until it has been performed. The lama was from the Japanese team and he also lived in the same village as one of our Sherpas. It was a very fascinating ceremony and as we were going to need all the help we could get, everyone joined in as best they could. It seemed that the main aim was to try to throw your handful of rice at the same time as everyone else, so as not to look like an idiot, although no-one would have cared. Our ice-axes were blessed and everything was covered in smoke from the burning juniper. Drinks and food were passed around to anyone and everyone in the vicinity. Marvellous!

It was interesting to find out what the colour of each prayer flag represents e.g. Red = Sun, Blue = Sky, White = Cloud, Green = Grass and Yellow = Fire.