NEWSLETTERS - Cho Oyo Autumn 1999

Newsletter 231 August 1999

Team Up & Gear Up in Katmandu

The weekend was spent checking out the finer points of Kathmandu's bars and markets prior to checking and packing all equipment to cope with the 6 day road journey north. This will take us through Kodari at the Nepali border and into Tibet at Zangmu and then on to Nyalam and across the Lolang La (5050m) to Tingri. The Lolang La is the highest road pass in the world and will probably be a height record for some of the members.

We're expecting a spot of difficulty on the trail since much of it is on poor mountain road and the end of monsoon storms have washed out the roads in many places. This may mean unloading all the trucks and carrying around the obstacles and then reloading, we'll see. Although we'll be spending some acclimatisation days on the trip we expect to make base camp by the end of the week.

Scott and Tony accompanied Russell to the expedition store to check out the medical kit which is extensive and can cope with just about any eventuality on the mountain from minor cuts and abrasions to serious trauma and even a few gynecological occurrences.

So far Katmandu has been pretty wet with the last vestiges of the monsoon season lingering longer than usual. Meanwhile the cacophony of Nepalese life clatters and shrieks on from dawn until late into the sultry nights. All your senses are being assaulted at the same time with vivid colour and interesting, nose wrenching, aromas vying for pole position amongst car horns, bicycle bells, shrieking crows and sitar music blasting out at distortion level. Fantastic.

But first, a team up and departure party which will kick off in the Rumdoodle and who knows what after promises to be excessive enjoyment as an absolute minimum.