NEWSLETTERS - Cho Oyo Autumn 1999

Newsletter 42 September 1999

Dawned wet and humid. A short hop to the Chinese Tibetan border settled us in for 4 hours of beaurocracy in Zangmu. Oddly they were perfectly happy to let us temporarily over the border to get lunch provided we returned for passport inspection. Eventually we head out for Zangmu and make for Nyalam having transferred all the gear from Nepali trucks to Chinese trucks and the team is now moved to several 4*4's. The road is precipitous with plenty of partially washed out sections and spectular waterfalls and eventually we clear the pass at 4020m and pass from lush rich green vegetation in the dry sandy sparse country of the tibetan plateau. Nyalam is a one yak town with its own brand of mud and sports a good line in propoganda loudspeakers. We'll over night here prior to a days climbing for acclimatisation.