NEWSLETTERS - Cho Oyo Autumn 1999

Newsletter 53 September 1999

03 September 1999

The team is generally acclimatizing reasonably well with nothing more than the expected poor nights sleep and headaches etc. But we've got plenty of time on the acclimatization program so all should be well. A clear night last night pushed the temp. down to 7degC and the moon quarter crescent moon rise over the adjacent peaks was spectacular.

A morning hike up a nearby mountain to 5210m to help acclimatization was fine for all and on the way down we checked out a bombed out monastery reminding us of Tibet's recent troubled past when the Chinese moved in during the '50's. We were also treated to plenty of tibetan gophers popping into their holes scared by us or circling Lhamagiers (the huge tibetan bird of prey). A couple of snow hares and a gaggle of snow cocks (like tarmegan) crossed out path.

The afternoon was spent familiarizing with Oxygen kit (although most of us intend to try to summit without) and also getting a good understanding of the gamow bag which is used to artificially create the pressure of a lower altitude should any of us need treatment for High Altitude sickness. Scott also gave us an excellent talk on high altitude medical problems and prevention rather than making hard work for him.