NEWSLETTERS - Cho Oyo Autumn 2000

Newsletter 416 September 2000

After a few more days of clear skies and rest, the entire team has made it to camp one for a night's sleep, and today, September 16, 2000, we are preparing for a summit attempt within the next four days.

Newsletter 311 September 2000

Base Camp to Advanced Base Camp

Again we have a partly sunny morning with brief views of Cho Oyo. After packing most of our remaining gear it is decided that we will not go to interim BC today. Instead, tomorrow we will go directly from BC to ABC in one day. Given the yaks that are available today, the bulk of our equipment is loaded onto the yaks and sent up to ABC. Loading 50 yaks each with two 30 kilo barrels is a very entertaining ordeal which consumes most of the morning. The Sherpas go with the yaks and our equipment and will set up ABC for our arrival tomorrow. Most of us take casual hikes around BC and are treated to hot showers in the afternoon. We are also treated to a spectacular sunset at dinner time. (MS)

Newsletter 24 September 2000

Base Camp

These updates are being sent via the Indian Ocean INMARSAT satellite.

3 September It rained hard last night. The morning was announced by the ringing of yak bells. This morning was clearer and we got our first views of Cho Oyu. No yaks were available to us to carry loads. Most of the climbers went for a hike up a nearby hill to 17,000 ft. It was a day spent resting and acclimatizing. Most team members are recovering from various illnesses contracted on the 8-day journey to base camp. Base camp is luxurious compared to previous accommodations. The infection in Brad's leg is not improving. Ellen has finished the ECO Challenge race in Borneo and is in Kathmandu waiting to get her visa. She will be joining us at ABC. (LD/MS)

Newsletter 12 September 2000

Kathmandu to Base Camp

We arrive in Kathmandu, Nepal. The streets are very busy with busses, trucks, cars, tuk tuks, motorcycles, rickshaws, bicycles, cows, dogs and chickens. Horns are used constantly. At first it is unnerving, but after we get used to it the front seat taxi passenger will sometimes reach over and blow the horn too. We sightsee around Kathmandu and get our gear packed into plastic drums. Frequently walking around Kathmandu it feels like you are breathing from an exhaust pipe. The monsoon has been very strong this summer and the rivers are running high.

The team1 September 2000

Marco Siffredi (France) - Marco is one of the top extreme snowboarders in the world and he is trying to snowboard down Cho Oyu and may attempt to snowboard down Mt. Everest next year. Bertrand is videotaping and they plan to release a film. They released a film last year about snowboarding down Dorjelakpa in Tibet, which is about 23,000 ft elevation.

Bertrand de Lapierre (France) - Bertrand is filming and editing skateboarding and snowboarding video. Bertrand and Marco are downloading about two minutes of video each day to Bertrand just finished his engineering degree in composite materials.

Lou Marino (France) - Lou is helping Russell with some of the planning and is also attempting to do the climb. Lou leads trekking trips around the world.