NEWSLETTERS - Cho Oyo Autumn 2000

Newsletter 24 September 2000

Base Camp

These updates are being sent via the Indian Ocean INMARSAT satellite.

3 September It rained hard last night. The morning was announced by the ringing of yak bells. This morning was clearer and we got our first views of Cho Oyu. No yaks were available to us to carry loads. Most of the climbers went for a hike up a nearby hill to 17,000 ft. It was a day spent resting and acclimatizing. Most team members are recovering from various illnesses contracted on the 8-day journey to base camp. Base camp is luxurious compared to previous accommodations. The infection in Brad's leg is not improving. Ellen has finished the ECO Challenge race in Borneo and is in Kathmandu waiting to get her visa. She will be joining us at ABC. (LD/MS)

4 September Light rain last night. Morning was clear again with views of Cho Oyu. We got rained out in the middle of practicing our rope ascending on a nearby rock face. We returned in the afternoon to resume the practice. After consulting with a doctor in base camp, Brad is returning to Kathmandu to get minor surgery to treat the infection in his leg. We expect him to return in six or seven days. The yaks are late returning tonight. Depending on the condition of the yaks, we may move to interim base camp or all the way to ABC. It seems that the only thing that is certain is the uncertainty. (LD/MS)