NEWSLETTERS - Cho Oyo Autumn 2000

The team1 September 2000

Marco Siffredi (France) - Marco is one of the top extreme snowboarders in the world and he is trying to snowboard down Cho Oyu and may attempt to snowboard down Mt. Everest next year. Bertrand is videotaping and they plan to release a film. They released a film last year about snowboarding down Dorjelakpa in Tibet, which is about 23,000 ft elevation.

Bertrand de Lapierre (France) - Bertrand is filming and editing skateboarding and snowboarding video. Bertrand and Marco are downloading about two minutes of video each day to Bertrand just finished his engineering degree in composite materials.

Lou Marino (France) - Lou is helping Russell with some of the planning and is also attempting to do the climb. Lou leads trekking trips around the world.

Russ Brice (New Zealand) - Russ is the expedition leader and leads climbing trips from Chamonix, France and Kathmandu, Nepal. Russ has climbed Everest twice and Cho Oyu five times.

Chung Kinmanchunt (Hong Kong) - Chung has attempted Everest three times and Shishapangma once. Weather or other problems have prevented him from summiting on an 8,000-meter peak so far. Chung has climbed the highest peak on every continent except Everest. Chung owns three outdoor gear stores and an indoor rock climbing gym in Hong Kong.

Gustav Eriksen (Norway) - This is Gustav's first attempt to climb an 8,000 meter peak. He has previously climbed Aconcagua in Argentina. Gustav is a CPA.

Chris Brand (Great Britain) - Chris has climbed in Great Britain and in the Alps. Chris is retired from the British military and now is the finance administrator at a nunnery.

Brad Johnson (USA) - Brad summitted on Cho Oyu last year. Brad has also attempted the North Ridge of K2 and attempted Makalu twice.

Ellen Miller (USA) - Ellen attempted Cho Oyu last year when bad weather stopped most summit attempts. Ellen is a member of the Team Vail ECO Challenge team. Ellen will be arriving late to Base Camp after competing in an ECO Challenge competition in Borneo.

Mark Spurbeck (USA) - Mark's high point was his marriage to his wife Wendy followed by Denali. Mark is an electrical engineer.

Frank Reiff (USA) - Frank's previous high point was Mera Peak in Nepal. Frank is an electrical engineer.

Larry Davis (USA ) - Larry's previous high point was Aconcagua in Argentina. Larry has also climbed in the Alps, but usually climbs in Colorado these days. Larry is an electrical engineer.