NEWSLETTERS - Cho Oyo Expedition 2003

Newsletter 311 September 2003

Dispatch 3: The Gambi Anniversary

As a footnote to the last newsletter, we (Rob and I - Jo), would just like to say a big, "thank you" to Russ, his sherpa team and all the other team members for giving us a most wonderful and memorable 7th wedding anniversary.

This occasion was also indicative of the attention to detail that Russ pays in an environment where nothing is easy... but he constantly aims to position and ready the team to facilitate success on the mountain. We were honoured to be the first to celebrate an anniversary on one of the many Himalayan Experience expeditions, and to do so at ABC at 5600 metres !

We were treated to a fantastic 4 course dinner with whisky to boot, sat at a candle lit, flower strewn (plastic at this altitude!) table for 2, and had the pleasure of the rest of the team with us in the mess tent to share the occassion with us. It was a very humbling occasion for us, as we were served by Russ and sherpas with a combined total of 11 summits on Everest and also by Lachhu, our brilliant head cook. He has cooked on 40 expeditions and notably, these have included all 14 of the 8000 metre peaks!

A final thank you to Morgens, one of our fellow team members, for a touching speech. We send our love and best wishes to folks at home and we now return to the challenging adventure of climbing this rather large mountain!

Rob and Jo Gambi

Cho Oyo Expedition 2003