NEWSLETTERS - Cho Oyo Expedition 2006

Newsletter 44 September 2006

Last newsletter did not sound too promising, however... after much waiting the weather Gods were finally on our side! The wind came and blew off the snow which was causing so much concern amongst all expeditions. Russell spotted a small window of good weather and no wind in which to make a summit bid on the 1st and 2nd of October.

Newsletter 33 September 2006

Not much has happened here recently. Three of us (Lydia, Octavio and Martina) had a good trip up to Camp 2. We left our skis there and spent the night. Yes, we did manage to get some sleep The night was not as hard as we had expected but the morning was freezing cold before the sun hit us. Walking down again was really quick compared to how long it had taken us to get up with our heavy ruck sacks. There was some fresh snow so it was hard leaving the skis behind!

Newsletter 22 September 2006

Here is the much heralded and heavily anticipated second part of the Cho Oyo 2006 Newsletter.

Since last being in contact the group have made a trip up to the top of the the ice cliff between Camps 1 and 2. While the going was rather steep, most took the opportunity to practice using their ascenders on the fixed rope and all were finally rewarded with spectacular views afforded by the clear and bright weather. It was possible to see all the way down to Camp 1 and ABC in one go. With the snow capped Himalaya (and in particular a crystal clear view of Shishapangma) mixing in with the flashing saphire of the sky, the whole prospect was simply breathtaking.

Newsletter 11 September 2006

Better late then never, finally here is the first of the newsletters from the Himalayan Experience Cho Oyo expedition 2006.
We are quite a big team this year and I would briefly like to introduce us: