NEWSLETTERS - Cho Oyo Expedition 2006

Newsletter 33 September 2006

Not much has happened here recently. Three of us (Lydia, Octavio and Martina) had a good trip up to Camp 2. We left our skis there and spent the night. Yes, we did manage to get some sleep The night was not as hard as we had expected but the morning was freezing cold before the sun hit us. Walking down again was really quick compared to how long it had taken us to get up with our heavy ruck sacks. There was some fresh snow so it was hard leaving the skis behind!

Since then we have mostly been sitting around at ABC waiting for the weather to improve. We should have summited today according to the original plan but instead we spent most of this morning digging our tents and footpaths out at camp. We have had about 20cm of snow over night and we can hear avalanches thundering down the mountains nearby. The forecast is not promising for a summit attempt any time soon. Even if it would clear tomorrow it will probably be too dangerous to go anywhere after all this snow and wind we have had.

It is getting hard to keep the moral up at camp. We are trying to keep busy reading and visit the other camps. Walking from one end of the camp to another is quite an epique in this weather so going for a walk anywhere is out of question. We are swapping books with each other but even so we are running out of reading material. Monopoly is not that much fun after a few games either! Maybe we should start a snow man competition instead. I am sure Latchu would spare us some carrots from the kitchen.

A decision of what is going to happen will probably be made in the next few days so we should be back shortly with some more info of our progress or not as the case may be.

Snowy Regards,
Martina Palm