NEWSLETTERS - Earthquake

The Daily Moraine 2015 #3 - Earthquake updates29 April 2015

Hi all

All the Himex team are still staying at BC apart from David McGrain who has decided to leave and go home. This is probably the best place for the members at the moment as Lukla is very full with limited flights out due to weather. It is difficult to find accommodation in Kathmandu although the city is starting to return to normal life. The Makalu people are all at BC and are also safe.

In the meanwhile I have been trying to find our trekkers who are in various parts of Nepal:

Shane Matthews and Elsje Bezuidenhout from South Africa are safe in Lukla and should return to Kathmandu today.

Chris Smith, Eric Soshea and Andrew Sochea from USA are safe and are currently in Thame helping with reconstruction of buildings. They will stay for a few more days to wait for the congestion to recced in Lukla before coming back to Kathmandu.

Bob Carney, David Gordon, Paul Hanneman, Sam Woo and Karen Taylor all from USA were in the Manaslu area and we managed to have them flown by helicopter to Kathmandu yesterday but unfortunately 4 of the porters supporting their trek were killed in a mud and rock slide triggered by the earth quake.

Jeroen Hehuwat, Alma Parahita and Kadek Andana all from Indonesia were in the Langtang area. We have heard nothing from them so do not have any news about their safety. For the last 3 days we have been asking for a military helicopter to go into this area. Apparently a civilian helicopter went into Langtang early after the earthquake and the local people tried to beat up the pilot, so now all the civilian companies are too afraid to fly there, hence our request to the military. Many other trekking companies as well as us sent a delegation to the MoT yesterday requesting helicopter support for the 200 plus foreigners and 200 plus Nepalese that are stranded in this area which is not far from the epicentre of the earth quake.

I have just returned from the airport and hear that people are now being transported out of the Langtang so at last some progress, but we still do not have any information, which may still take one or two days.

In the meanwhile I hear from Makalu that all the teams there want to finish expedition.

Our Himex team will stay at Everest BC for the next few days and we will then decide if we will continue or not. Talking to Phurba he tells me that the Sherpas are ready to go back to BC and to assess the conditions in a few days time and will then make a collective decision. This morning when I was at the airport I had a meeting with the NMA and the Minister of MoT and he gave us permission to fly loads to C1, but only after the helicopters come free from rescue operations which we of course totally agree with.