NEWSLETTERS - Everest 2007

Newsletter 728 May 2007

SO...... with all these bloggers on the team it's hard to appear up to date with dispatches...but all our news is good, even if a little out of date.

On the 21st and 22nd of May between approximately 6am and 9am both days, all of our team who set off for the summit from camp 4 achieved their goal. Conditions on the mountain have been exceptional to the extent that on the 21st some of our team were on the summit without gloves for more than an hour!!! Unbelievable!

Newsletter 618 May 2007

After an excellent 10 day rest at base camp the team got ready to start heading up the mountain for the final push. Health is good and spirits are high accross the board. The weather is being uncharacteristically benevolent and a long period of warm, windless conditions means that the time has come to get some climbing done.

Newsletter 511 May 2007

Things are firming up for our summit attempts.
David Tait reports in this afternoon that he has arrived in ABC to begin his exciting double traverse attempt. He hopes to summit ahead of us and catch the second weather window we are shooting for (after the 20th) to return from the Nepal side of the mountain.

Newsletter 46 May 2007

The climbing team is about 1/2 way through a pre-summit attempt acclimatization program: successive nights at the North Col and Camp 2. One group has finished and returned to ABC this AM and another started this AM.

Newsletter 33 May 2007

Probably the most impressive thing of this entire expedition has occurred: our remarkable Sherpa team has summitted Everest and fixed ropes all the way to the top. I'm in awe of what they've done, and all before the end of April. I hope I can simply follow in their footsteps.

Newsletter 227 April 2007

A snow day is a good time to reflect on how we are doing and where we are going.

To date, there has been a lot of travel: plane, bus, and hiking (granted at high altitude). Now we are actually climbing! Yesterday we morphed from trekkers to climbers. After so many weeks we were actually climbing Mt Everest! The fixed ropes up to the North Col (7000 m) was a great work-out and gave us an opportunity to view the looming ridge above. Several of us have been here before on the North Col, myself included. Speaking for myself, I'm filled with all the same excitement and anticipation of climbing Mt Everest I felt in 2005.

Newsletter 118 April 2007

Welcome to Himex/Everest 2007. Firstly it is worth explaining, for people who have been expecting an earlier dispatch, that the reason it has taken so long is that frankly not much has happened. Our progress has been nothing but routine so far, and identical in almost every respect to expeditions of previous years.

The Team17 April 2007

Expedition Leader:
  • Russell Brice
  • Dean Staples
  • Bill Crouse
  • Mark Woodward
  • Hiroyuki Kuraoka