NEWSLETTERS - Everest 2007

Newsletter 227 April 2007

A snow day is a good time to reflect on how we are doing and where we are going.

To date, there has been a lot of travel: plane, bus, and hiking (granted at high altitude). Now we are actually climbing! Yesterday we morphed from trekkers to climbers. After so many weeks we were actually climbing Mt Everest! The fixed ropes up to the North Col (7000 m) was a great work-out and gave us an opportunity to view the looming ridge above. Several of us have been here before on the North Col, myself included. Speaking for myself, I'm filled with all the same excitement and anticipation of climbing Mt Everest I felt in 2005.

Our climbing team is here today in ABC resting up after North Col chapter One and watching it snow. Tomorrow or the next day we will re-climb to the North Col and spend the night; a part of our planned process to acclimate to the higher elevations of Mt. Everest. All that being successful, we will have another acclimatization climb to about 7500 m and a rest-up in base camp for a hopefully successful summit effort.

Fred Ziel