NEWSLETTERS - Everest 2007

Newsletter 728 May 2007

SO...... with all these bloggers on the team it's hard to appear up to date with dispatches...but all our news is good, even if a little out of date.

On the 21st and 22nd of May between approximately 6am and 9am both days, all of our team who set off for the summit from camp 4 achieved their goal. Conditions on the mountain have been exceptional to the extent that on the 21st some of our team were on the summit without gloves for more than an hour!!! Unbelievable!

Most of the team were able to make it all the way down to ABC on summit day itself, with only a few stopping for the night higher on the mountain; and now everybody is down and in good health.

Himex celebrated its 200th person on the summit of Everest this season... none other than Yanagi San our 71 year old team member!

The whole team is, as ever, grateful to Russ not only for his flawless leadership on the hill...but for the fantastic party down at base camp on friday night! Our huge white "Tiger Dome" went off with champagne, music and dancing well into the wee small hours.

The Himex Sherpas and staff are staying on to continue working with the second film crew whilst the team members and Discovery film crew are on their way back to continue celebrations in Kathmandu and beyond.

Congratulations to everybody for another hugely successful season.