NEWSLETTERS - Everest 2015

The Daily Moraine 2015 #4 - Everest decision1 May 2015

The Daily Moraine 2015 #4 - Everest decision - Everest 2015

It seems that the media is all very ready to tell the world that I have made a decision to continue to climb on Everest, when in my last newsletter I said that we would assess the situation: the ministry, the expedition operations association, my team, the Sherpas as well as the scale of the disaster in the whole country had to be considered.

The Daily Moraine 2015 #120 April 2015

The Daily Moraine 2015 #1 - Everest 2015

We have a mixture of events, three summits to climb on, with independent climbers on each summit, but then some members attempting two summits and some even attempting 3 summits, which makes for a big challenge to our Himex Logistics.