NEWSLETTERS - Everest Expedition 2004

Newsletter 626 May 2005

Dispatch No. 10

Our team was successful in reaching the summit of Mt. Everest on Sunday and Monday, May 23-24, 2004. We had a large group of 23 people summitting on the 23rd and 10 people on the 24th for a total of 33 people to summit from our two teams. The reason for referring to the two teams is that we modified the two originial teams into hybrid teams for the summit attempts.

Newsletter 525 May 2004

More Summit News

This morning, 24th May, Himalayan Experience had 10 people on the summit on Mt. Everest; 4 members, 1 Guide and 5 Sherpas.

Newsletter 425 May 2004

Summit News

On the 21st May, Himalayan Experience sherpas rescued the missing Italian climber from another expedition. He was found alive at the top camp, Camp 4 (8300m) and is now at Advanced basecamp, safe and recovering well from his ordeal.

Newsletter 3 Chhiring15 May 2004

Chhring Team: Dispatch 3: Mount Everest, Advanced Base Camp (6400m)

The Chhring Everest Team is now at the Advanced Base Camp(ABC) at 6,400 meters/21,000 ft. The entire team is strong, healthy, and eating well. Andrew, Dale, Derek, Gabi, Harry, Josef, Kiek, Paul, and Themu all arrived here at the ABC during the past two days and feel well.

Newsletter 3 Karsang5 May 2004

Basecamp - Team Karsang

n the face of high winds, 80+km/h on the mountain, the Himex team made the tactical decision to return to base camp. There is no way that we can work on the mountain with the current weather forecast. We are much better off down here at BC where the air is thicker and warmer. Here at BC we are much more comfortable, for example the tea we get each morning in bed (bed-tea) is some 10 degrees warmer. In just a few days the changes in the members' health is noticeable because of the environment, the rest and the comforts. As noted in earlier dispatches, it is the building of these energy reserves that is paramount to our success on a summit bid.

Newsletter 2 Chhiring1 May 2004

Saturday,7:33 AM

Here is the second update from the Chhring Team. The team is strong and healthy and back in Base Camp (5,200 meters) for a few days to recuperate. There are extremely high winds on top of the mountain which makes any form of movement uphigh impossible. Thus we took the opportunity to move from the Advance Base Camp (6,400 meters) to the Base Camp yesterday. The 22 km walk was over loose gravel, boulders, ice, and some snow. We will be in Base Camp for a few days to eat, rest, and refocus ourselves for the next phase of the expedition.

Newsletter 2 Karsang25 April 2004

Sunday, Dispatch 2: Advanced Base Camp Mount Everest (6200m)

We have been at ABC 6400m for seven days after the two day journey from BC. It has taken almost all of this time to become comfortable at this altitude. The camp is set up to the
same scale and comfort level as BC.

Newsletter 1 Karsang13 April 2004

Hello to all of you from the past Himex team members, Team Kasang.

We are all safe and sound at Mt Everest Base Camp, Tibet, China. 5200m. The purpose of this dispatch is to introduce the team and bring you up to date with the expedition so far and also to give a brief outline of what will happen from this point.

Newsletter 1 Chhiring12 April 2004

Expedition Overview from Team Chhiring

This year Russell Brice's company Himalayan Experience is running two independent teams to the North side of Mt Everest. Our Sirdar for this group is Chhiring and hence forth our team shall be referred to as 'Team Chhiring.' The other is 'Team Karsang'.

Team Chhiring11 April 2004


Name: Bill Crouse, 40, USA
Occupation : Mountain Guide, summated Everest twice south side:
12 Expeditions to Asia. Climbed Ama Dablam, Pumori, with attempts on Annapurna 1, Lhotse and Nuptse.

Team Karsang10 April 2004

The team is made up of 9 members and 3 guides.

Hiroyuki Kuraoka
Nationality: Japanese
Age: 42
Sex: Male
Experience: Extensive experience around the world guiding 6000m peaks. McKinley, Hunter, Gauri Shankar, Cho Oyo with Himex in 2003