NEWSLETTERS - Everest Expedition 2004

Newsletter 1 Chhiring12 April 2004

Expedition Overview from Team Chhiring

This year Russell Brice's company Himalayan Experience is running two independent teams to the North side of Mt Everest. Our Sirdar for this group is Chhiring and hence forth our team shall be referred to as 'Team Chhiring.' The other is 'Team Karsang'.

After a slight delay in leaving Kathmandu due to increased Maoist activity , a general strike and a delayed flight to Lhasa the team has arrived safe and well at the Everest.

Russell on the other hand has accompanied all our equipment overland and has had to contend with broken drive shafts, gear boxes and a series of other problems along the way but has somehow managed to deliver our gear and 30 tonnes of food and equipment onto the Rongbuk glacier. With the help of 12 Tibetans, 24 Sherpas and 7 local support staff he has created a base camp way beyond anyone's expectations.

There are several memorial chorten's, below which we are camped, which provide a sombre reminder to us all of the serious nature of the climb ahead. We are camped about 300 metres from the terminal moraine of the Rongbuk glacier and have uninterrupted views of Changtse and of course, Mt Everest which totally dominates the scene with its ubiquitous ice plume streaming from the summit.

I will hand over to other members of the expedition who, in their own words, will introduce themselves and explain briefly their reasons for being here.

Andy Marquis
Everest Base Camp