NEWSLETTERS - Everest Expedition 2004

Newsletter 2 Chhiring1 May 2004

Saturday,7:33 AM

Here is the second update from the Chhring Team. The team is strong and healthy and back in Base Camp (5,200 meters) for a few days to recuperate. There are extremely high winds on top of the mountain which makes any form of movement uphigh impossible. Thus we took the opportunity to move from the Advance Base Camp (6,400 meters) to the Base Camp yesterday. The 22 km walk was over loose gravel, boulders, ice, and some snow. We will be in Base Camp for a few days to eat, rest, and refocus ourselves for the next phase of the expedition.

Since our last update, our team has been up to the North Col at over 7,000 meters (23,000 ft). The majority of the team has spent at least one night at the North Col. The entire team has spent over ten days at the Advance Base Camp (6,400 meters) to acclimate and prepare for the summit attempt. Moving up to the North Col was a fun experience as we had to jumaar up most of the way and there were a few very vertical sections of ice which we had to climb. Paul Hockey was amazing climbing through this section with his one arm! The entire team applauded him.

Since our last update our team has been reduced by two team members. David Tait has returned to the UK for personal reasons and Roy Fouche has returned to South Africa for business reasons. Thus our team now is nine members strong at this time.

All of our expedition members have experienced some weight loss due to the effects of appetite suppression at altitude, head colds, and just being out of our comfort zone. The temperatures thus far have been fine. At this elevation the sun is intense and we have all received some form of sun burns and dry skin.

All of our expedition members say thank you to the support and prayers we receive from our families, love ones, and friends.

In the coming week we will next plan to move up to Camp 1 and Camp 2 to reach new levels of altitude as we continue to acclimate to move closer to the summit.

Dale Darling- on behalf of the Chhring Team