NEWSLETTERS - Everest Expedition 2004

Newsletter 2 Karsang25 April 2004

Sunday, Dispatch 2: Advanced Base Camp Mount Everest (6200m)

We have been at ABC 6400m for seven days after the two day journey from BC. It has taken almost all of this time to become comfortable at this altitude. The camp is set up to the
same scale and comfort level as BC.

In the time that we have been here, we have done some small walks to the crampon point and to the fixed ropes that rise up to the North Col - Camp 1 at 7100m. Two days ago three members made a climb in coldish conditions to the North Col. Today three more members are making the climb to the North Col in good weather conditions.

The reality of ABC at 6400m is that it is an altitude that takes considerable time and careful effort to acclimatise. For this reason some of us have had to think seriously about dropping back to BC for some extra time and rest. However, importantly all members are safe and in good health.

Possibly the highest 40th birthday party in the world! Dean Staples our illustrious New Zealand guide had what he terms; "Just another birthday" yesterday. The celebrations began slowly but momentum gained quickly when Russell arrived and suggested Sherpa and Yakman dancing in combination with a number of bottles of The Famous Grouse and a litre or four of wine. Of course all other teams were invited and they did most of the drinking! The festivities wound to a close soon after a very poor but again, possibly the highest Maori Haka. The reason that the Haka was poor, relates to the loss of breath all participants experienced.

From here, after members have tagged the North Col we will return to the North Col to sleep and possibly climb towards camp 2 and return to ABC. For Dean, Cecilie and Julian this will most likely happen tomorrow, Monday 26th April, depending on the weather. The remainder of the team will require a few days rest and will then follow.

We thank all of you for your messages of support and best wishes, they make a huge difference to us in this place of constant mental and physical challenge.


Team Kasang