NEWSLETTERS - Everest Expedition 2004

Newsletter 3 Chhiring15 May 2004

Chhring Team: Dispatch 3: Mount Everest, Advanced Base Camp (6400m)

The Chhring Everest Team is now at the Advanced Base Camp(ABC) at 6,400 meters/21,000 ft. The entire team is strong, healthy, and eating well. Andrew, Dale, Derek, Gabi, Harry, Josef, Kiek, Paul, and Themu all arrived here at the ABC during the past two days and feel well.

It is May 15 so we have approximately two weeks remaining to attempt our summit of Everest. Initially, we were hopeful we might try this coming week based on the previous weather forecasts, however, now we are in a wait and see approach, as there may be a snow storm on its way. If the potential 30 centimeters of snow arrive in the coming week, it will cause whiteout conditions on the mountain, potential avalanche conditions, and it will also bury some of the fixed ropes. Thus, we will wait and see how the weather develops before we set out to proceed further up the mountain. There are a few other expedition teams who have sent some individuals up in the recent days to try and summit during a short short weather window, however, we will wait for a better weather window. In the meantime, our entire team feels like a bunch of race horses at the derby waiting for the starting bell to go off, however, the starting bell has gone missing:)

Prior to our coming up to the ABC, this past week our entire team and the Karsang Team went for a day trip with Russell Brice. Almost 30 people climbed into the back of a Tibetan Truck and travelled to two distant valleys, viewing two schools which have been built through charity donations. Russell assists the local Tibetans in the area by building schools to educate the children. The schools cost a total of $15,000 to build, the locals provide the land and materials, and the local district provides the teachers. The villages we visited took a few hours to reach along dusty roads (and at times no roads). The locals in the village were so appreciative to see us. One school had over 40 children and the second, which will be completed by the years end, will have over thirty children. Many of the men from these villages work as sherpas in the neighboring mountains so they are extremely appreciative to see the climbers and others give something back to their areas. If you are interested, please contact Russell Brice of Himilayan Experience. The villagers survive by growing wheat, raising goats and sheep all at 14,000 ft> During the two climbing seasons they take yaks, loaded with equipment, upto the expedition base camps of their local mountains, Everest, Cho Oyo, Shishapangma to name a few.

The next two weeks will prove exciting!!!! All of us are ready to go up and more importantly ready to come home as well!!!!

We wish you a great day and thank you for your continued interest in our summit attempt.

Best regards,
Dale Darling- Chhring Team Member