NEWSLETTERS - Everest Expedition 2004

Newsletter 425 May 2004

Summit News

On the 21st May, Himalayan Experience sherpas rescued the missing Italian climber from another expedition. He was found alive at the top camp, Camp 4 (8300m) and is now at Advanced basecamp, safe and recovering well from his ordeal.

Yesterday, Himalayan Experience sherpas found the missing Mexican climber from another expedition at Camp 3. He was alive. He is now at Advanced Basecamp and is recovering well.
This morning, 23rd May, Himalayan Experience had 20 people on the summit on Mt. Everest; 9 members, 3 Guides and 8 Sherpas.

The summiting members and Guides (with their current location, as of 13:00hrs BST) are:

Cecilie Skog (Camp 1)
Julian Haszard (Camp 1)
Dale Darling (Camp 3)
Harry Reeves (Camp 3)
Shokichi Saito (Camp 3)
Toshiko Tamura (Camp 3)
Derek Chinn (Camp 4)
Kiek Stam (Camp 4)
Thimo Sommerfeld (Camp 4)

with the Guides

Mark Woodward (Camp 1)
Dean Staples (Camp 3)
Hiroyuki Kuraoka (Camp 3)

Early tomorrow morning, 24th May, the following members and Guide make their summit attempt with 8 sherpas.

Ian Wiper
Joanne Gambi
Rob Gambi
Barry Roberts
Paul Hockey
Andrew Marquis

with the Guide
Bill Crouse
11 Sherpas had been part of the 23rd May summit team, but 3 were re-assigned to the recovery of a dead Korean climber from the Korean Expedition.