NEWSLETTERS - Everest Expedition 2006

Newsletter 222 April 2006

April 22, ABC

Over Saturday, Sunday and Monday (15th - 17th) both waves of clients, guides and film crew arrived at ABC via Interim camp, lucky it was there as the first trip up this 22 km of glacier moraine is quite grueling.

Everyone made it in good time though with just Martin opting to stay behind at BC. While the weather was good on the way up it didn't stay that way for long with the temperature dropping and snow falling. This compounded other problems with comm's meaning we are really just on line reliably now.

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday were spent resting and hiding from the cold wrapped up in our tents. Great to have the whole crew together again, apparently it was reported on a less than reliable website that several members of our team had to return to BC with altitude sickeness, the only sickness around here are the team busting a gut to go higher. It's a great atmosphere, especially now the snow has stopped and the weather is superb. Please keep an eye on this site for the real facts.

The essential thing in acclimatisation is to take things easy - we have been trying to do that. After the 2 day trip up here (over 1200m height gain) the next stretch of the legs was on Thursday when most of the team headed up to 'Crampon Point' at 6600m, just below the steep slope to Camp 1, the North Col.

The climbing team morale is now great, after a few rough days with coping with altitude at individuals' varying rates, something that will continue for the whole trip, that's Everest. We had a bit of a scare with a film crew member having abdominal pain, but Russell's Sherpa team had him down low very quickly, with the assistance of our Doc, Terry, happy to report no serious consequences, with the team all back together in the next few days.

Today some team members had a play on the steep glacier ice near the camp in preparation for our first trip up to the North Col (7000m) tomorrow. This will be a tough day for all. One of the most frustrated members is Mark Inglis, on his 7th day no voice, if you know Mark you will understand, the team mean while are loving it.