NEWSLETTERS - Everest Expedition 2006

Newsletter 324 April 2006

Report - 7000 metres 24/4/06

Yesterday the climbing really started with our first climb to the North Col with all the climbers and guides making it with the exception of the Doc who was walking back up from BC and Tim who is going up on Tuesday. We had a great day to climb and had a picnic atmosphere at the Col for a couple hours in the sun. The climb up to the North Col was the first major test and everyone was really pleased how well they went - this is a great confidence boost for the next few weeks.

The real heros of the expedition are again the Sherpas. A couple of days ago they climbed from ABC to the top camp at 8,300 metres, fixing rope above camp one. They then retuned to ABC in time for dinner. This just blew most of the team away to witness the Sherpas strength. They all arrived back with huge grins and packs full of old rope and used oxygen bottles so it wasn't an easy trip back!

The climbing team is doing well and every one is OK health-wise apart from the odd sore throat and mild cold like symtoms. The trip up to the North Col was a great mile stone for the team and helped keep morale high.

The meals have been great with bacon, eggs and beans really hitting the spot this morning after the efforts of yesterday.

Hopefully in a few days we will be heading up to Camp One again to sleep over to gain greater acclimitisation.