NEWSLETTERS - Everest Expedition 2006

Newsletter 51 May 2006

Himex Report

Well we all woke up this morning pinching ourselves to ensure the results of yesterday were true, that 6 of our Sherpa team led by Phurba Tashi summited Mount Everest at 15.05 hours, 30 April!

It was an even more exciting moment at 20.45 hours yesterday, yes only 5 hours 50 minutes after summiting, when the team walked back into ABC, what an acheivement.

The energy at ABC last night was amazing as most of the camp was up to greet the Sherpas on their return. We all cheered and back slapped the heros as they walked back into camp. They looked strong with plenty of energy left and had no trouble beaming their ever present smiles as we hugged them in gratitude.

The team was:

Phurba Tashi, 10 times summit - Nepalese
Son Dorjee, 3 times summit - Nepalese
Dorji Somam Gyalson, 5 times summit - Nepalese
Ta Shi Ping Tso, 4 times summit - Tibetan
Denzeong, 3 times summit - Tibetan
Ta Shi Tsenzong, 2 times summit - Tibetan

These guys have 27 summits between them, the whole team here at Himex feel proud to have their support and also be their support.

This acheivement has been the culmination of the team making the most of this perfect weather to finish the running out of the fixed ropes on this side of Everest.

The team have been at it for over a month so are acclimatised and strong. The challenge now is for the climbing team to make the most of the opportunity provided.

In fact today is the first day the whole team is together, Gerrard our French connection (climber) has been with us for a few days and yesterday saw Marcel and Kurt, our Swiss climbers arrive, all looking fit and acclimatised.

What now, we will continue on with our acclimatisation and logistics plans, keep an eye on the site for our progress.