NEWSLETTERS - Everest Expedition 2006

Newsletter 919 May 2006

Everyone back at Basecamp

Everyone is down from ABC including Mario the Swiss Guide plus Dangima Sherpa who climbed with Kari Kobler has just arrived for lunch after making the first commercial traverse from the Sth Side to the Nth Side. Mario left on the 18th from the Sth Col and arrived at BC today which just shows his strength, he looked like he had just arrived from a short walk along the Valley. Mario was very very impressed with the fixed ropes that had been set by the Himex Sherpas at the end of April.

All members, film crew and staff had spent the morning packing up personal kit into barrels to pack onto the truck that leaves for Zangmu in the morning. Most folk are well and truely ready to head home to see loved ones and have a change of scene even though we will miss our new friends and the Sherpas.

Terry has been busy with lots of patients from other expeditions and helping the few of us that scored frostbite on the extremely cold ascent. Those few line up for their warm water foot baths and our chats about our conditions in the cook tent with the cheery sherpas. We all seem to be heading towards being OK but look forward to getting some attention at home naturally.

Tonight we have decided there is a lot to celebrate so we are having a party. Russ has emptied a mess tent or two and it should be a great night.

It has been an awesome experience to bring together the film crew, members, sherpas, guides and Tibetans into an expedition that achieved 33 summits in a harmounous and safe atmosphere.