NEWSLETTERS - Everest Expedition 2009

Newsletter 123 March 2009

For many on our team this is the second time that we are getting ready to head off to Everest. Last year we had to cancel just days before we were to cross over to Tibet. This year we decided to move to the Nepalese side of Everest as we could not gain guarantees that Tibet would be open. For Himex this has involved a lot of work to shift all our equipment from Tingri in Tibet to the Khumbu in Nepal.

But for me personally I am excited to be returning to the Khumbu where all my Sherpa staff live, and where I spent a lot of my younger trekking and climbing days. In fact my first Everest trip was a 2 man team (with Paddy Freaney) to the West Shoulder of Everest in 1981. Since then I and our team of guides and Sherpas have learnt a lot about climbing at altitude, and so by using this experience we hope to have a safe and successful trip this year.

In the past few weeks we have been sending helicopter loads of equipment to Sangboche where our Sherpa staff have been escorting it to the Himex Base Camp by yak and porter. Already some of our staff are living at BC as they establish our camp to the normal high standards that we have been able to achieve on the North side.

Once again we will be joined by members from Tigress Productions who will be filming our team in order to make a film for Discovery Channel.

The bulk of our members will arrive in Kathmandu on 29 March and we expect to fly to Lukla on 31 March, arriving at BC on 09 April.

Our team is very international and consists of the following members:

  • Billi Bierling: German living in Nepal
  • John Black: British living in South Africa
  • Antoine Boulanger: French
  • Stuart Carder: British
  • Eugene Constant: French
  • Megan Delehanty: American
  • Chris Dovell: British
  • Lance Fox: American
  • Jon Hansen: American
  • Asbjorn Hjertenes: Norwegian
  • Jim Holliday: American
  • Thomas Jacobsen: Norwegian
  • Chris Jones: Irish
  • Robert Kojetin: South African
  • Chris Macklin: British
  • Valerio Massimo: Italian living in Britian
  • Moises Nava Falcon: Mexican
  • Bruce Parker: American
  • Zi Qiang Qiu: Chinese living in America
  • Tommy Rambol: Norwegian
  • Paul Robinson: Australian living in America
  • Shokichi Saito: Japanese
  • Gilad Stern: South African
  • David Tait: British
  • Kiyomi Takiguchi: Japanese
  • Alec Turner: American
  • Christophe Vandaele: Belgian living in America
  • Takenori Yoshida: Japanese
  • Adrian Ballinger: British living in America
  • Shaun Hutson: British living in France
  • Hiroyuki Kuraoka: Japanese
  • David McKinley: New Zealand
  • Dean Staples: New Zealand
  • Shinji Tamura: Japanese living in Switzerland
  • Mark Woodward: New Zealand
  • Mark Whetu: New Zealand
  • Kirsty Mitchell: British
  • Nick Bonner: British
  • Russell Brice: New Zealand living in France, BC manager
  • Monica Piris Chavarri: Spanish living in Britain, Doctor
  • Haydn Fisher: New Zealand, Chef

  • Ang Karma
  • Ang Nuru
  • Ang Tshiring
  • Dawa Temba
  • Dorji Sonam Gyalgen
  • Gnima Tenzing
  • Kami Chhiring
  • Karsang Namgel
  • Knima Sona
  • Knima Tshiring
  • Lakpa Nuru
  • Loppsang Temba
  • Nigima Chhiri
  • Nigima Chiri
  • Nima
  • Nuru Gyalzen
  • Pasang Kami
  • Pasang Knima
  • Pemba Nuru
  • Phura Naugyu
  • Phurba Tashi
  • Rita Dorji
  • Shera Gyalzen
  • Son Dorgee
  • Tashi Tshering 1
  • Tashi Tshering 2
  • Tshering Tashi
  • Yonden Nuru
  • Chakre
  • Kainla
  • Kul Bahadur Magar
  • Lachhu Basnet
  • Lhakpa Yongjuk
  • Lopsang
  • Phurba Gharti Bhote
  • Ramesh Basnet